.. in the morning (international version)

still wearing black jacket, not undress yet
for you to know, he can’t face the cold hahaha
his red syrup ready to eliminate.
and his worklist for today ready to destroy too…
but it seems, there’s something forgotten
what is that ?….

untouch the rice, yet
but, after a crowd flashback
just remember,
he’s not used to be, breakfast with rice =beras ? hihihihi
at least, just with massive-rice-made-by-hand-wrapped-in-coconut-leaves..
or about ten pieces cookies,

ok, here there are,
instead of .. more complicated and missunderstood
im done,
better go down,
looking for yellow rice ..
anyone,.wanna join me?
just follow me ..

*ayo ngakak bareng-bareng 😆 …


13 thoughts on “.. in the morning (international version)

  1. deeedeee

    saya comment di international versionajah ah, Om… :mrgreen:

    *udah segitu commentnya*

    selanjutnya ngakak…. *dah kayak dvd bajakan pk subtitle bhs daerah… :p*



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