feel free to steal

I just read Thomas Andersen’s blog, blog that tells bunch of stories around his trip around the world.  So far he has visited 28 countries, over 30.000 km, with his bicycle, what a man !

In his post while in Bandung, I found something interesting.  Someone asked for his permission to have the photos in that post. He answered with words that I use as a title in this post: Feel free to steal. I think he’s really cool. He allows his friend to take his photos for free.

I think, only a few people with a great heart, can be like that.  They don’t mind letting other people to use their property for free. They only want to share.

However, you should read his great blog, and perhaps got envy like me when seeing his biking adventure.




*some parts in this post has fixed by  Kimi  as editor).



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