an out of date iPhone

A few month ago. I decided to buy an iphone, actually a used phone, an old 3G iphone.

I never know about iphone at all. How about its iOs, software, iCloud etc. I only bought it so I can install endomondo into it. Endomondo is an application for tracking your sport activities, for me: cycling, of course.

Then I realized that endomondo could not be installed. And a lot of applications can’ be installed, either.

The important things that I do not know is all of applications need to update, so does the iOs.

The newest iOs now is 7 version, and my old phone version was 4.2.1.

And the bad news is I can’t upgrade it into the latest version, except I upgrade the hardware too. It means, if I want to use the latest updated apps on iphone I should buy a new one. What the…

Fortunately, that was an old browser installed before : opera mini, my favourite browser πŸ˜€

Look at the bright side. At least I can post something in my blog.

So, for now don’t ask me about my BBM pin, my whatssap number or whatever, because i don’t have one, and that because of all reason above. πŸ˜€

Honestly, I loves this phone, it’s screen is so clear like crystal, so different from other handhelds. I’m planning to buy 4s iphone, someday.


6 thoughts on “an out of date iPhone

  1. yud1

    iOS 4. wow.

    actually why bother with an old iDevice? can have Endomondo on budget-friendly Android as well, so yeah, no issue.. supposedly. or not? 😐


    1. wxrm Post author

      It just because.. entahlah, kan aku pikir awalnya bisa diinstal disitu sih, blm terpikir pake gadget baru jg, entahlah besok πŸ˜€



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